TEMAX ULF-3000/3000

universal fire fighting vehicle on Mercedes Benz 2641 Actros 6×4

especially designed for industrial applications such as refineries, tank farms etc.  Equipped with:

  • 3000L foam tank
  • 3000kg dry powder installation
  • balanced foam proportioning system incorporating water pump, foam pump foam proportioners
  • water/foam and dry powder roof turrets

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TEMAX ULF-3000/3000

Design:   Modular body design incorporating a front mounted locker which houses the dry powder installation and equipment, a full width foam tank and a rear pump and equipment locker

Main vehicle data:

Mercedes Benz 2641 Actros 6×4 with:

medium size, 2-door cab with 1+2 seating
hydraulic steering with adjustable steering wheel
V6 diesel engine, 300 kW (408 ΗΡ) @ 1800rpm, 2000Nm  @ 1080rpm
16-speed manual gearbox
differential lock
315/80R22,5 tires
300L fuel tank
28V/80A alternator
2x12V/165Ah batteries
full air brakes with ABS

Construction material:
Heavy duty body frame made from welded stainless steel profiles, paneled with 2mm thick aluminum sheets.  Fully walkable roof paneled with 3/4,5mm thick chequered aluminum sheets.  Locker floors paneled with 3mm aluminum sheets. 


• Spring loaded aluminum roller shutters on all lockers
Swing out  stepboards at front side mounted lockers with warning indicator in cab
Automatically  activated interior locker lights upon opening a roller shutter with warning indicator in cab
Swing out shelves and special brackets for all fire fighting and rescue equipment
roof access ladder


Dry powder installation:
Front mounted inside the locker, consisting of:

3000kg pressure vessel
·   9 x 50L/200bar nitrogen cylinders with electrically actuated valves
·   outlets to the hose reels and the roof turret
·   flushing
·   side mounted control panel
·   pressure reducers, manometers, etc.

Dry powder roof monitor:

Front mounted, manually operated roof turret, made from light alloy, equipped with:

  • adjustable nozzle 15-40 kg/sec
  • spotlight for night operations
  • Monitor rotation: 270 deg
  • Monitor depression/elevation: -15 to +70 deg
Dry powder roof monitor
Foam tank

Foam tank:

3000L capacity, made from stainless steel 316L, 4mm thick. Equipped with:

  • 500mm dia. manhole,
  • overflow and vent system,
  • baffles,
  • 2 x 2-1/2” filling inlets with valves and couplings mounted at vehicle sides,
  • suction sump with drain valve and filter to foam pump suction intake,
  • level indicator (sender),
  • backup level indicator with clear PVC tube and isolation valve

Fire pump system:

Mounted inside the rear compartment, consisting of:

  • 5500L/min @ 10bar rear mounted, PTO driven centrifugal fire pump made from light alloy
  • 400L/min @ 14 bar, hydrostatically driven via PTO foam gear pump
  • electronically controlled balanced foam proportioning system
  • 3 x 2-1/2” outlets on each side with individual foam proportioners and couplings
  • 1 x 4” +  3 x 2-1/2” suction inlets at each side with strainers and couplings
  • 1 outlet to feed the roof monitor
  • 2 outlets to feed the hose reels
Fire pump system
Foam proportioning system

Foam proportioning system:


All purpose usability

  • continuous foam proportioning
  • individual adjustable foam proportioning rate at each
  • outlet
  • Water or foam individual at each outlet
  • Suitable for every foam compound — even highly
  • viscous liquids
  • supply external or via foam tank
Foam proportioning system2

Easy operation

  • thanks to logic control system, operation is the same
  • as pump operation
  • manual adjustment of the proportioning rate at the
  • outlets
  • no priming pump for foam compound necessary


Easy to handle

  • no flushing of the foam pump necessary
  • no driving motor for foam pump
  • easy hydraulic regulation
  • • No foam compound in the water pump
  • • According to NFPA 1901 as “Demand balanced
  • pressure system”

Control panel:

Control panel:

Clearly arranged, rear mounted LCS control panel

control panel


With continuous foam proportioning rates at each outlet, enabling the simultaneous discharge of water from all or some outlets (e.g. for cooling), and foam from all or some outlets with different foam proportioning rates.

TEMAX ULF-3000/3000


Overall vehicle dimensions (appx):        

length: 8900mm /  width: 2550mm / height: 3500mm



operational weight: 25.150kg
gross vehicle weight rating: 27.500kg
shipping weight: appx. 14.000kg



top speed: 110km/h
Gradeability: 80%