Rescue trailer

Main data:

2-axle trailer chassis made by TEMAX with:

  • 2x2300kg axles with integrated suspension, shock absorbers and inertia brake system
  • handbrake
  • ring type hitch with adjustable height
  • trolley wheel
  • 205/75R16 tires
  • manually adjustable stabilizers

Design:   Monocoque body integrated with the chassis, incorporating 3 equipment lockers at each side and one at the rear.  

Construction material:              
Heavy duty body frame made from welded stainless steel profiles, paneled with 2mm thick aluminum sheets.  Fully walkable roof paneled with 3/4,5mm thick chequered aluminum sheets.  Locker floors paneled with 3mm aluminum sheets.  


·   swing up type doors on all lockers
·   automatically  activated interior locker lights upon opening a roller shutter with warning indicator in cab
·   special brackets for all rescue equipment
·   roof access ladder

Emergency lights and sound systems:
·   one beacon mounted on the rear part of the roof

  • Rescue equipment:
  • 40kVA diesel generator 230/400VAC
  • 1400 L/min electrically operated air compressor with 250L air tank
  • impact air tool with moil point and flat chisels
  • compact air impact tool with moil point, flat chisels, wedge chisels and drills
  • electric saber saw
  • electric angle grinder 2000W
  • pneumatically extendible light mast with 4x1000W halogen spotlights
  • hydraulic rescue tool kit:
  • petrol engine driven hydraulic pump
  • mini cutter
  • 2 dual hose reels
  • combi tool
  • manual pump
  • telescopic ram
  • chocks & blocks
  • manually operated hydraulic rescue tool set:
  • manual pump
  • 10kN mini spreader
  • 99kN jack
  • jack extensions
  • adjustable concrete supports
  • seat belt cutter
  • SOS rescue tool
  • bolt cutters
  • H type portable ladder
  • powered disc saw
  • wire rope
  • axes, pike poles, shovels
  • ATEX portable flashlights with on board chargers
  • portable fire extinguishers
  • tool box
  • rescue lines
  • portable spotlight tripod with cable drum
  • fire blankets
  • traffic cones
  • airbag protection kits
  • scoop stretcher
  • backboard stretcher
  • scoop stretcher
  • glass cutting kit
  • set of covers for sharp edges
  • hooligan tool
  • crowbars
  • disposable dust masks
  • body bags
  • debris carrying bags
  • neck collars
  • first aid kit
  • woolen blankets
  • traffic cones

    TEMAX RT-60



    Overall vehicle dimensions (appx):        

    length: 6000mm /  width: 2500mm / height: 2800mm



    operational weight: 3.500kg
    gross vehicle weight rating: 4.600kg
    shipping weight: appx. 3.500kg