TEMAX RLF-5000/500

Fire Fighting & Rescue vehicle on Mercedes Benz Actros 1832A (4X4)

Main vehicle data:

Mercedes Benz Actros 1832A (4X4) with:

  • original Mercedes Benz “medium” cab with 1+3 seating
  • hydraulic steering with adjustable steering wheel
  • OM501LA diesel engine, 235kW (320 ΗΡ) @ 1800 rpm, 1650Nm  @ 1080 rpm
  • 16-speed Telligent automatic gearbox
  • 315/80R22,5 tires
  • 300L fuel tank
  • 28V/80A alternator
  • 2x12V/165Ah batteries
  • full air brakes with ABS
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TEMAX RLF-5000/500

Design:   Monocoque body, with integrated water & foam tanks.

Construction material:              
Heavy duty frame made from welded stainless steel profiles, paneled with 2mm thick aluminum sheets.  Fully walkable roof paneled with 3/4,5mm thick chequered aluminum sheets.  Locker floors paneled with 3mm aluminum sheets.  Galvanized, welded steel subframe, extremely reinforced.


• Spring loaded aluminum roller shutters on all lockers
• Swing out  stepboards at all side mounted lockers with warning indicator in cab
• Automatically  activated interior locker lights upon opening a roller shutter with warning indicator in cab
• Swing out shelves and special brackets for all fire fighting equipment
• Rear mounted, roof access ladder

Emergency lights and sound systems:

  • one 100W electronic siren with microphone, with wail/yelp/hi-lo/air horn sounds and public address system
  • LED lightbar on cab roof, LED peripheral lights all around
  • HID spotlight mounted on telescopic pole and one HID worklight at rear
  • reverse buzzer

Fire fighting & rescue equipment:

  • normal pressure collapsible fire hoses
  • normal pressure nozzles
  • dividers
  • suction Siamese
  • suction filter
  • suction hoses
  • portable ground monitor
  • powered chain saw
  • portable fire extinguishers
  • tool box
  • 200mm spotlight, with extension tripod and cable drum
  • 7m extendable ladder
  • 4m ladder with hook
  • flow stoppers
  • leaking sealing bags
  • hooligan tool
  • stretchers


Fire pump:

Rear mounted, PTO driven multi-stage centrifugal pump suitable for high and normal pressure, rated for 3000L/min @ 10bar and 400L/min @ 40bar, equipped with:

  • automatic primer,
  • 2/4 x 2-1/2” normal pressure outlets at rear with valves and couplings,
  • one normal pressure outlet to feed the roof monitor,
  • one normal pressure outlet to feed the ground sweep nozzle system,
  • one normal pressure outlet for tank filling via the pump,
  • two high pressure outlets to feed the hose reels,
  • complete control panel

Water tank

5000L capacity, made from mild steel, 4mm thick, hot-dip galvanized. Equipped with:

  • 500mm dia. manhole
  • overflow and vent system
  • baffles
  • 2 x 2-1/2” filling inlets with valves and couplings mounted at vehicle sides
  • suction sump with drain valve and filter to pump suction intake
  • level indicator (sender)
  • backup level indicator with clear PVC tube and isolation valve
Foam tank
foam tank

Foam tank:

Dual 500L capacity (400+100L), made from stainless steel 304, 3mm thick, integrated in the pump locker. Equipped with:

  • inspection hole with cover 300mm dia.,
  • overflow and vent system,
  • baffles,
  • 24VDC foam filling pump,
  • drain valve and supply to the foam proportioner,
  • level indicator (sender),
  • backup level indicator with clear PVC tube and isolation valve


Roof monitor:

Electronically operated via joystick, controlled by the driver or co-driver, mounted on the cab roof, rated for 2000L/min @ 10bar, equipped with:

  • adjustable nozzle from full jet to fog, suitable for water and AFFF
  • spotlight for night operations
  • Monitor rotation: 270 deg
  • Monitor depression/elevation: -15 to +70 deg
Roof monitor
In cab control panel

In cab control panel:

Complete in-cab control panel to control the pump, the foam proportioning system, the roof monitor as well as the ground sweep system


Hose reels:

Two, axially fed high pressure hose reels, each equipped with 60m non collapsible high pressure rubber hoses, 25mm dia. and high pressure fog guns, each rated for 210L/min @ 40bar.  Equipped with manual and electric rewind.

Ground sweep nozzles

Ground sweep nozzles:

four (4) ground sweep nozzles, one in front of each wheel, each rated for 50L/min @ 10bar


TEMAX RLF-5000/500

TEMAX RLF-5000/500


Overall vehicle dimensions (appx):        

length: 7500mm /  width: 2550mm / height: 3400mm



operational weight: 18.200kg
gross vehicle weight rating: 19.000kg
shipping weight: appx. 12.400kg



top speed: 100km/h
Gradeability: 60%