TEMAX RLF-2500/300

Fire Fighting & Rescue vehicle on MAN TGM 18.340 BB 4×2

Main vehicle data:

MAN TGM 18.340 BB 4×2 with:

  • long size, 2-door cab with 1+3 seating
  • hydraulic steering with adjustable steering wheel
  • inline-6 diesel engine, 251 kW (341 ΗΡ) @ 2200 rpm, 1250 Nm  @ 1200-1800 rpm
  • 12-speed MAN TipMatic© automatic gearbox
  • 295/80R22,5 tires
  • 300L fuel tank
  • 28V/80A alternator
  • 2x12V/175Ah batteries
  • full air brakes with ABS, ASR and ESP
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Design:   Monocoque body, with integrated water & foam tanks, rear mounted recovery crane, recovery winch.

Construction material:              
Heavy duty frame made from welded stainless steel profiles, paneled with 2mm thick aluminum sheets.  Fully walkable roof paneled with 3/4,5mm thick chequered aluminum sheets.  Locker floors paneled with 3mm aluminum sheets.  Galvanized, welded steel subframe, extremely reinforced.


·   Spring loaded aluminum roller shutters on all lockers
·   Swing out / slide out stepboards at all side mounted lockers with warning indicator in cab
·   Automatically  activated interior locker lights upon opening a roller shutter with warning indicator in cab
·   Swing/slide out/down shelves and special brackets for all fire fighting and rescue equipment
·   Side mounted, body integrated roof access ladder

Emergency lights and sound systems:

one 100W electronic siren with microphone, with wail/yelp/hi-lo/air horn sounds and public address system
LED lightbar on cab roof, LED peripheral lights all around
HID spotlight mounted on telescopic pole and one HID worklight at rear
reverse buzzer

Fire fighting & rescue equipment:

·   normal pressure collapsible fire hoses
·   normal pressure nozzles
·   dividers
·   adapters
·   suction siamese
·   suction filter
·   suction hoses
·   powered chain saw
·   portable fire extinguishers
·   portable foam inductor
·   tool box
·   self contained breathing apparatus with spare cylinders
·   portable ground monitor
·   rescue lines
·   ATEX portable searchlights with 24VDC on-board chargers
·   portable spotlight tripod with cable drum
·   8kVA/220-380VAC portable generator
·   hydraulic rescue kit, consisting of:
–    petrol engine driven hydraulic pump
–    auxiliary hand pump
–    2 dual hose reels each with 15m hoses
–    spreader
–    cutter
–    combi-tool
–    rack jacknormal pressure collapsible fire hoses
normal pressure nozzles
suction Siamese
suction filter
suction hoses
portable ground monitor
powered chain saw
portable fire extinguishers
tool box
200mm spotlight, with extension tripod and cable drum
7m extendable ladder
4m ladder with hook
flow stoppers
leaking sealing bags
hooligan tool
  • 36 piece set of chocks and blocks
  • 10 piece set of covers for rescue operations
  • 2 piece set of inflatable flow stoppers
  • complete leak sealing bag set
  • complete leak sealing lance kit
  • collapsible 1000L tank for hazardous materials
  • 3,5×3,5m inflatable jump cushion
  • basket stretcher
  • scoop stretcher
  • spine board
  • 2 chemical protection suits
  • 2 fire proximity suits
  • glass cutting kit
  • seat belt cutters
  • 4m portable ladder with hook
  • air bag lifting kit, consisting of:
    • 3 airbags with lifting capacity 5-40 tons8/300bar pressure reducerdual controller
    • belts with ratchet
  • low pressure air bag kit, consisting of:
    • 2 airbags with lifting capacity 6 tons / 620mm
    • 0,5/300bar pressure reducer
    • dual controller
    • connection hoses

High pressure hose reel

Fire pump:

Rear mounted, PTO driven multi-stage centrifugal pump suitable for normal pressure, rated for 2500L/min @ 10bar and 400L/min @ 40bar, equipped with:

  • automatic primer,
  • around-the-pump, foam proportioning system 3%+6%,
  • 2 x 2-1/2” normal pressure outlets at rear sides with valves and couplings,
  • one high pressure outlet to feed the hose reel,
  • one normal pressure outlet for tank filling via the pump,
  • complete control panel

Water tank

2500L capacity, made from stainless steel 316L, 4mm thick. Equipped with:

  • 2x500mm dia. manholes,
  • overflow and vent system,
  • baffles,
  • 2 x 2-1/2” filling inlets with valves and couplings mounted at vehicle sides,
  • suction sump with drain valve and filter to pump suction intake,
  • level indicator (sender), backup level indicator with clear PVC tube and isolation valve
foam tank

Foam tank:

300L capacity, rear mounted. Equipped with:

  • manhole 500mm dia.,
  • overflow and vent system,
  • baffles,
  • 24VDC foam filling pump,
  • drain valve and supply to the foam proportioner,
  • level indicator (sender),
  • backup level indicator with clear PVC tube and isolation valve

TEMAX RLF-2500/300



Overall vehicle dimensions (appx):        

length: 7500mm /  width: 2550mm / height: 3400mm



operational weight: 18.200kg
gross vehicle weight rating: 19.000kg
shipping weight: appx. 12.400kg



top speed: 100km/h
Gradeability: 60%