Fire Truck Manufacturers

TEMAX S.A. is a completely privately owned company which was founded in 1965 as a leading industry of Fire Fighting Vehicles and special purpose truck bodies.


How we work

TEMAX can meet any customer specific requirement by offering a highly custom designed and build product.

Our product philosophy is:

design it carefully,
build it right, make it durable, low maintenance, reliable, deliver it on time, keep the customer satisfied & stay beside the customer for proper after sales support

Petros Tangalakis – CEO
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Our history

Our company was founded in the year 1934 as a bus body manufacturing industry under the brand name Anon. Hellenic Automobile Carriage Industry Company P. TANGALAKIS.



Staying beside the customer throughout the operational period of the vehicle is part of our corporate philosophy.
TEMAX offers the client 100% support with after sales service and spare parts.

TEMAX S.A. has manufactured over the years,

among others municipal, forest, refinery, industrial, airport fire fighting trucks, riot control vehicles and specialty vehicles for the following clients:

  • The Armed Forces
  • The Fire Brigade
  • The Civil Aviation Authority
  • Municipalities
  • Oil refineries
  • many private companies

In words of our customers


One of the few Greek companies that produce work with absolute quality and safety in mind.


A big thank you to the employees of the TEMAX company for their kind and impeccable service. It is our joy in the difficult times in which we live to know that such people exist. good luck in your work.


Well done ! You have built the best fire extinguishers in Greece. Don’t stop making new vehicles at all.