How we work

TEMAX can meet any customer specific requirement by offering a highly custom designed and build product.

Our product philosophy is:
  1. design it carefully
  2. build it right, make it durable, low maintenance, reliable
  3. deliver it on time
  4. keep the customer satisfied
  5. stay beside the customer for proper after sales support

Chassis make and type is up to the customer to decide or for us to propose.  Our close cooperation with all major commercial and special purpose chassis manufacturers basically leaves all feasible options open.

Superstructure design is performed in a way to meet the client’s requirements and to match the chassis specifications.
Computer aided design (CAD) is applied for precise accuracy.
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Computer aided machinery (CAM) such as laser cutters provide precise construction accuracy.


Depending on the type of superstructure, the following may be applied:

  • subframe: a heavy duty ladder type steel subframe manufactured from C type channel beams and cross members.  The subframe is then sandblasted and may be either epoxy coated or zinc coated (hot dip galvanized)
  • superstructure frame: a durable frame made either of mild steel or stainless steel box section tubular profiles.  Mild steel frames are cavity treated against corrosion
  • superstructure paneling: aluminum is usually used to panel the superstructure using polyurethane based adhesives
  • water tanks: constructed either from mild steel (painted with epoxy paint or zinc coated), stainless steel, or fiber glass.
  • foam concentrate tanks: constructed from stainless steel or fiber glass
  • pump driveline: pumps are usually driven via propeller shafts using cardan type joints and intermediate shafts.  Computer aided prop shaft analysis is used for silent, trouble-free operation
  • electrical installations: superstructure electrical consumers are wired and fused directly from the vehicle battery(ies) to form a completely separate electrical system than the one of the chassis.  Modular design and construction ensure ease of identification and servicing
  • piping – valves – hydraulic installations: carefully designed or sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure product reliability
  • built-in equipment: special equipment such as pumps, winches, cranes, electric generators, floodlights, extendable light poles, dry powder installations, roller shutters, turrets etc. are sourced from reputable manufacturers
  • loose equipment: are sourced from specialty manufacturers and placed ergonomically inside the vehicle ensuring proper grouping, ease of identification and operation on special strap-on brackets, swing out or slide out supports, lowering and lifting mechanisms
  • painting: our 300 cu. m. spray booth enables us to provide a glossy and durable finish at 60oC

Vehicle mounted equipment (such as sirens, beacons, winches, cranes etc.) as well as loose equipment are sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Fire fighting vehicles may be equipped with numerous built in systems, such as:

•    aluminum, brass or cast iron pumps
•    Roof monitor (turret), manually or remotely controlled.
•    Foam proportioning systems
•    Manual or electric rewind hose reels
•    Ground sweep nozzles
•    Remote control operation of all fire fighting features
•    Numerous built-in or loose  equipment

TEMAX vehicles are well known for 30+ years of trouble free service.

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