FLIR K33 & K53 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR K33 K53 TICs Thermal Imaging Cameras for Firefighters

Streamlined High Performance Made Even More Economical

FLIR now gives you two new lower-cost, easier-to-use options without sacrificing the reliable clarity and performance that FLIR K-Series TICs are well-known for. The K33 and K53 feature FLIR’s FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement that intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images for better perspective and orientation to help improve situational awareness and give firefighters a greater sense of confidence and safety.

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FLIR K45, K55 and K65 Thermal imaging cameras

K Series Now with FSX

FSX enhances K45, K55 and K65 thermal images through real-time digital processing inside the camera. The result is an ultra-sharp image that shows extraordinary structural, edge, and other instantly-recognizable detail.

FLIR K-Series Featuring the NFPA®-Compliant K65

In the heat of the battle, a thermal imaging camera is indispensable – a vital tool that helps you quickly visualize your plan of attack, locate hot spots, and save lives. Ideally, every engine and truck company should have at least one high-performance TIC on hand. Since FLIR K-Series arrived on the scene, now that’s more feasible.

Affordable K-Series TICs offer new, easier ways to see more clearly in the darkest, smokiest environments by showing big, bright FLIR images to help you maneuver more strategically, stay better oriented, and find victims faster. With greater situational awareness, you’ll improve safety and the likelihood of successful outcomes.



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FLIR KF6 Truck-Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera

KF6 Front Right

for Aerial Firefighting Applications

FLIR’s new KF6 is the industry’s first thermal imager designed and built specifically for aerial apparatus applications. Mountable at the end of a straight stick and onto a ladder bucket, the KF6 provides firefighters a high-angle thermal view of rooftops and other elevated structures, helping them see through thick smoke, more efficiently target the hottest areas, and more strategically direct firefighting efforts.

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FLIR M-Series Pan-Tilt-Zoom thermal imaging camera

MSeries Front RightPan-Tilt-Zoom TICs for ARFF, Hazmat and Rescue Trucks

FLIR’s new M-Series redefines thermal imaging for first responder vehicles, drawing on our many years of experience in building combat-proven thermal cameras for militaries and government agencies around the world.

With up to 640 × 480 thermal imaging, M-Series cameras let you see more from farther away, even in the smokiest, darkest conditions.



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FLIR Aerial First Responder Kits


Ready to Fly sUAS for Aerial Thermal Imaging

FLIR’s new Aerial First Responder Kits give you an on-demand airborne capability you’ve never had before. See through smoke to keep track of fire fighters, respond to SAR calls and other emergencies with everything you need to get in the air fast.

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